Have you

a) heard of The Pioneer Woman? Of her Cinnamon Rolls?

b) wanted to try her Cinnamon Rolls, but been too scared/put off by the size of the recipe?

We are here to help!


First off, read the original post from the Pioneer Woman herself. Allow yourself about half an hour to drool over the pictures. When you\’re ready, go to KitchenMage to get the measurements for a more manageable serving size.

Other things that will help you, especially if you\’re a novice to the world of baking with yeast:

  • Yeast likes warm places. When recipes tell you to cover the wet dough, the best way to do it is with cling wrap and a clean tea towel over the top
  • Make sure your measurements are correct. Actually use a knife to correctly measure out flour and sugar measurements
  • The recipe is American, and Americans consider a tablespoon to be 15ml (3x teaspoons), whereas in Australia we consider a tablespoon to be 20ml (4x teaspoons). This makes a huge difference when you\’re making dough

The hardest part that I found in the process was the last stage – rolling the dough into a big, flat rectangle and rolling it into a great big roll before cutting them jussssst right.

But here\’s the trick: roll your big rectangle as big as you can manage (stick with the rolling pin action for at least 5 minutes to allow the dough time to give out and stretch that little bit further) and THEN when you\’re ready to roll it into the big scroll, roll using the short edge (and not the long edge, like I\’ve been going for 5+ attempts… and wondered why my rolls weren\’t very big).

You\’re aiming for lots of layers in the completed roll -and because you only need about 1.5cm for each roll, you\’ll easily get 12 from this recipe.

\"\"(another tip: you don\’t need this much flour!)

(See how the dough is quite thin and there are lots of layers? That\’s what you want)

Have you tried making something like this? Got any tips to share with us?
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