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I need one! I know there are people out there thinking if you can’t tear yourself away from the puter for 30mins you are sad. I am happy to wear that label with pride! I will use what ever means necessary to get through a workout as easily as possible.

surfshelfI have been looking into some way of attaching the (old) macbook to the treadmill. Asked the manpet if he would build me something, he wasn’t too keen. Surely some one has made something for the job?

Woo and they have! Surf Shelf a simple shelf that attaches to most 90% of Treadmills, bikes and cross trainers.

Some tweeting, chatting..oh and yes working of course while your working out…awesome!

The Surf Shelf is $40US, and while it is not mentioned on the site (I emailed to check) International postage is around $24US to Australia.

I am ordering! Can’t wait for it to arrive, maybe I could spend all day on the treadmill. They need to make a treamill powered laptop next.

  • Laura

    when it arrives can you post a video of you attempting to write a post for That’s Noice while on the treadmill??

  • SimonFoodFavourites

    hope the laptop is shock proof from all the vibrations.

    SimonFoodFavourites’s last blog post..Kuleto’s Cocktail Bar: Newtown (19 June 2009)

  • Barbara

    LOL, that is cool :) Although you wouldn’t be able to do much while you were running. I have trouble seeing the tv screen properly let alone being able to type but maybe that’s an age thing *hehe*. Definitely looking forward to hearing how it goes :)

    Barbara’s last blog post..Winter blues …

  • Trish

    so did you get one ? and did it work ?
    .-= Trish´s last blog ..Smiley Saturday =-.

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