\"\"I had tried Urban Rituelle many years ago, but it wasn\’t until Rah bought me some for my birthday last year that I became hooked.

I have a super sense of smell (which is quite often a curse…so.many.stinky.people!!) But I also find I am allergic to a lot of regular commercial perfumes. So finding something that smells awesome, and doesn\’t make me sense my head of can be near impossible.

Urban Rituelle is an Australian owned husband and wife team. They have a great range of yummy smelly stuff, regular perfumes (which are my fav) they do also do soaps, moisturisers, lip balms, candles and even a Men\’s and Baby range.

The Sweet Treats collection is A..mazing! The bestest one, that you just MUST have, is the Cotton Candy..YUM! I\’m really enjoying the Peach Blossom too at the moment.

Their range is great vaule for money, postage is fast. And they even throw in a GWP (gift with purchase) hard to pass up!

Check them out at www.urbanrituelle.com.au and shop online, or their store in Caringbah.

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