Not to be out done by Red Bull, V too has released a new energy shot drink, the V Pocket Rocket.

It sure packs a punch, in this little 60ml bottle there is 160mg of caffine. That is equal to a large 500ml can of V or 2 cups of coffee. Not sure about the dietary supplement claim though?

It appears you are suppose to drink them at room temp, but I put mine in the fridge for a bit.

Now V, you know I love you and I hate to bag you, but..its bloody awful! It tastes like cough medicine.

On checking out their website, the FAQ state \”V Pocket Rocket has been specifically formulated for adult consumption which is why we\’ve made it taste the way it does.\” In other words they made it taste like crap so kids won\’t drink it. Umm, ok then.

Certainly does give you a buzz, if that is what your after and you can slam it down quickly to avoid the taste.

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