Oh how I love thee! I have been drooling over these things for so long! Up until a few months ago I thought we would be stuck renting for ever and I could never enjoy the awesome of the wall decal.

Now we have a lot of the painting done in our new place, I am trying to find some great decals. But it is hard to decide, there are SO many. Thought I would share some of my great ones I have come across. Are you a decal junkie?
First on my list, is this one drop dead gorgeous Cherry Blossom. Now, while it might be a little on the expensive side (approx $235AUD) wow..what an impact it would make. I love Cherry blossoms.


Threadless t-shirts, shirts do not get much better than these..love them. Did you know you can get some of your fav T designs as wall decals? Blik makes a range of wall decals based on some of the great threadless designs. Unfortunately, they do not ship to Australia. But thankfully, NZ company Jujube does! They stock a range of the great threadless decals as well as some other design. And the Aussie/NZ dollar makes it even cheaper shopping.

Vinyl Interior Design, and Aussie on Madeit also had a range of decals. Rah featured a tetris decal not so long ago.

And so so soooo many more. Do a search on etsy for wall decals and you will be blown away.

Does anyone have any decals? Would love to hear how you have used them in your home.

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