I\’ve been hanging out for Costco to open in Sydney..well…forever it seems!

When it finally did open a few weeks ago, I lived vicariously through tweets, twitter pics and a workmate who has teasingly visited a few times, waiting for the crazy to die down a little do I could make my first visit.

Finally decided Saturday was the day, I was braving the crazy on probably the busiest day.

So we got there before it opened, found a park easily enough. Made our way to the door, only to find a 1km queue of people with trolleys snaking its way through the car park. For a spilt second I was ready to admit defeat and go home, thinking we were going to be waiting hours.

But surprisingly the line moved pretty quickly, once the doors opened at 9:30am. We would have been in and out by 10:30 I\’d say, if I didn\’t have to stuff arse around with their membership people for over an hour. Long story short, membership I signed up for at home online, they couldn\’t find it. So either I was going home with no Costco to sort it out when headoffice opened on Monday 🙁 OR sign up again. So $120 later just to get in the door…we were in!

It was packed, but not too bad to move around (says me who just wandered around leaving the boy child to try to manoeuvre the huge, doesn\’t steer too well trolley through the masses)

I am going back for this Cupcake cookie jar, I don\’t know why I didn\’t buy it on the spot. I guess I was a bit flustered having to spend $120 to get in the door, I was being choosy with what I bought.

They have an awesome bakery section there. We bought a 12 pack of muffins for $12, they were a mix of chocolate, banana walnut and blueberry. They were huge muffins, and really nice! They also have a big range of bread and rolls, danish and cakes.  They even had cupcakes and birthday cakes (shame they are a bit far away ;)) The cupcakes were the same size as the muffins and piled high with frosting

Post it note pic for Rah, 24 post its for $18.89!


They had HUGE 16in pizzas. They look really good, and you could even watch them being freshly made. But I\’m not sure it would fit in my oven? Or anyones oven for that matter..how the hell would you cook that?

After you had you ginormous pizza, you could top it off with 2kg of Apple pie. The boy begged me to buy it, what the hell am I going to do with 2kg of Apple Pie?? Or maybe a $90 Toblerone.


I didn\’t think I\’d bought that much, but somehow managed to spend $180. Definitely some great bargains to be had, especially if you have the room and money to buy in bulk.

Looking forward to my next visit, I am sure there is some stuff I missed and I need some more muffins, paper towel and that cookie jar!


Have you visited Costco yet?

Welcome to Costco, I Love you ref, thnx to Ryan 😉
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