So did you read the first part? You can\’t skip ahead you know!

So after the super yummy dinner it was time to jump on the bus for the night tour.

First stop was the Lions, Jasiri and his girls. He acted like a sweet little pussy cat showing off for morsels of roo. Even showing off with a bit of a roaring match with his ladies.


Next we stopped by the Manned Wolf, Suzie the Wombat and the Hippos. Bit hard to take pictures in the dark. The manned wolf was a little easier to smell than see, but Suzie was happy to come say hello for a pat and some sweet potato.

Back to our tent for the night. It had a heated floor that was amazing, we all sat around the floor for awhile warming our arses and Hayden decided he was sleeping on the floor.

Up early for showers and ready for the last tour at 7am.

Breakfast with a black rhino, he was just gorgeous. Happily sucking in his favourite branches from anyone and everyone.



We then stopped by to meet and feed a Bongo and then the Cheetahs.

Last, but certainly not least was the African Elephant girls Yum Yum and Cuddles just back from their stroll around the park and doing their morning health checks.


We then made our way back to the lodge for breakfast and checkout. We spent a few more hours checking out the rest of the animals at the zoo..and then headed home.

We had an amazing time on Zoofari…highly recommend it, just awesome!

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